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What is a Waldo Reads! Little Library Steward?

Waldo County Literacy volunteer stewards a little library.

A Steward is a LVWC (Literacy Volunteer of Waldo County) volunteer who is given responsibility for overseeing one or more Waldo Reads! Little Library in their local community. 

The primary role of a Steward is to care for a Little Library so that it becomes and continues as a vital and engaging resource for the neighborhood and community.   

We encourage Waldo Reads! Little Library Stewards to: 
1. Monitor the integrity of the Library itself, its contents and the overall reputation of the Little Library movement. 
East Belfast School students visiting a Literacy Volunteers of Waldo County  Little Library.

2. Care for your Library by keeping the Library orderly, well stocked and overseeing repairs when necessary. 

Waldo County Literacy Volunteers Little Library at Searsport School

3. Promote and inform the local community about the project and the exciting Little Library movement! 

Waldo County Literacy Volunteer stewards a little library