Waldo County Literacy Volunteers Enjoy An Outing at Belfast City Park

Post date: Jul 18, 2016 6:57:58 PM

Denise Pendleton, the program director of Waldo County Literacy Volunteers, had the opportunity to join an outing at Belfast City Park with tutors David and Ronny, who were there with their student Justin, and his two sons. We were joined by Lynn, who was Justin’s first tutor when he started with the program about two years ago. Justin has been working on his reading, writing and math skills to prepare him for Adult Ed high school diploma classes. Once his two boys are in school next year, he will finally have time to go back to school himself. Justin is also studying to take his drivers’ license test. He loves learning about science, and with his tutor, he wrote this reflection about life on Mars: My Thoughts About Mars

If I go to Mars, everything will be a lot different. It would be a long trip to Mars. It’s not like Earth. The sand is red. The ozone layer is thin and there is no oxygen. Also, there is no ocean or plants. In other words, it’s a dry planet.

But if humans are going to live on Mars, they will have to build a big bubble. They will have oxygen inside the bubble. They will find a will to grow crops and make water. During the day it’s very hot and at night it is very cold.

The planet has nothing to protect itself from sun radiation.

Mars is a mystery and we may not fully understand how we can be prepared to live on Mars.

Waldo County Literacy Volunteers at an outing in Belfast City Park